The Hideout

A high-end restaurant serving high-quality, well-presented food as an exclusive booking-only venue presented as a high-status (almost a secret) place for Saudis who seek a place where they can enjoy eating good food and feel exclusivity.

Dammam - Saudi Arabia

The Onliness statement

The Hideout is the only exclusive restaurant that is invitation/booking only, offering high-quality food and unique presentations.

Design Concept

Since The Hideout is to be perceived as a secret place, using a key and a lock for referencing that concept is vital and will trigger curiosity and exclusivity in customers.

The logo design is a letter H key that is shaped like a spoon.


Extracting the tagline from the logo, it becomes a separate identity graphical element that is mostly used with a 3D version of the Hideout key symbol.

Identity Pattern

From the letter H and the star in the key/spoon logo symbol, the primary pattern is created and replicated to give a sophisticated, high-end pattern that can be used in different scenarios such as on ribbons, scarfs, ties, cloths, wrapping paper, and as a light background on walls or social media posts.

Identity Graphical Elements
Do you have the key?

To create interesting and fitting identity elements, vintage decorated door knobs with a lock symbol centered in the middle were designed as an inspiration to create 3 main circular elements to be used as a background ornament on walls, floors, ceilings, paper, printables, and social media.

The Hideout's Key

A 3D logo symbol/key is created to be used on the brand's applications mimicking a real key to enhance the concept of lock& key for this exclusive place where you need to have the key to access the place.

Business Card

Since the restaurant is reservation only based and is portrayed as a secret spot, the business is designed in a minimalistic design with the logo embossed and debossed without any color.

The Hideout
Saudi Arabia

Brand Identity Design
Brand Naming
Tagline Generation

May 2022

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