From Cash to Cashless

MadfoatCom is a Jordanian P.S.C. company established in 2011 with partnership and support from Oasis500 (Funded by King Abdullah II Fund for Development) and with strategic shareholders from Jordan and GCC; MadfoatCom aims to connect banks with billers to facilitate bill payment and inquiry through electronic channels 24/7 easily and securely.

MadfoatCom is a financial technology and artificial intelligence company that enables businesses, governments, and end-users to access state-of-the-art digital financial services.

Brand Voice & Messaging

MadfoatCom's content and messaging should reflect knowledge and professionalism, it should be informative positioning the brand as a leader while caring for its target audience.

The language used is in both English and Arabic where Arabic is used in both formal and slang but in a formal manner.      

Logo Concept

The new logo concept is derived from the current design, using the reflection method.
The two elements 'paper cash and digital money' are in a switch mode to represent the replacement of cash with a cashless technology.

A seamless life
One of MadfoatCom's goals and missions is to connect people via a seamless app giving them a seamless life.

A pattern that reflects that is designed using the logo symbol to be used on backgrounds, posters, posts, wall graphics, stationery designs, clothes, vehicles, etc.

From Cash to Cashless
Graphical Element

Madfoatcom aims and works by replacing paper bills and payments with user-friendly services on the web and mobile. 

A symmetrical graphical element is designed as a 3D representation of cash that is digitalized from the center, the center being Madfoatcom.

Key Message
Graphical Element

Another graphical element and part of the identity is this core function of Madfoatcom.

Presentation Template

Presentations include the title slide, transitional slides, inner white slides, inner dark blue slides, different services slides, and a closing slide.


Strategic & Visual Rebranding 
Brand Architecture
Brand Guidelines

July 2022

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