The eWay to Pay

eFAWATEERcom is Jordan's only official Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service, under the supervision of The Central Bank of Jordan and operated by Madfoatcom for Electronic Payments. Established in 2014.

I was hired by the mother company MadfoatCom to rebrand their star service eFAWATEERcom both visually and strategically to reposition the brand in Jordan and the MENA Region and enhance its equity and recognition.

Logo Concept

The logo redesign is derived from the original concept, having a leaf representing ecological solutions of using digital transfers rather than paper money symbolized by a leaf icon and the letter 'e'. Since the original logo is well-known and recognized, the same concept is preserved and an evolutionary logo redesign is the focus.

eFawateercom means:
e = Electronic
Fawateer + Com = Your Bills
Com = Website/Digital 

The design is modernized with the leaf now including the letter e inside it, making the letter 'e' form the leaf's outline and the actual letter forms a negative space inline.

for their service eFawateerCom

Strategic & Visual Rebranding 
Brand Guidelines

July 2022

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