Vines at the bottom of a dough grove
Dough konstruct is a Premium Urban Bakery Shop that bakes gourmet pastries and sweets from the ground up, they do everything inhouse using only premium ingredients from around the globe.
Selecting the most loved baked items internationally and producing it in one local shop, located in the key metropolitan cities across Middle East and Europe.

The design concept is based on using the rolling pin as the direct reference for doughs which is placed with other buildings symbolizing construction of the doughs and baked goods and forming the desired urban feel of the identity. This is reflected as well in the logo itself, the pattern and the interior design of the DoK Bakery.
The logo's look and feel is modern urbanism yet keeping a classic feel to the identity which is implemented by using wood and marble for the interior design that is built with lines and blocks of rectangles; the raw forms of construction.

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