Applab Rebranding and Repositioning

Applab is a software development company and a fully fledged digital company that partners with Microsoft (Azure) and Oliver Wyman on cloud solutions for different governments, SMEs and startups in the Middle East, positioning the company very strongly because of Applab's ability in setting software architecture over the cloud.

Client's trust has allowed Applab to gain more digital strategies and do more than just building mobile applications and positioning over the cloud and became as a consultant on using chatbots, AI business plan automations.

I was approached by Applab to redesign their logo and I did a complete rebrand including brand strategy, repositioning the brand and redesigning their logo and created a new identity system and brand architecture.

Responsive posters design

As diverse as the brand's services are, its applied identity reflects that by implementing gridding on posts on posters to produce responsive identity communications. 

Using colors, the top cover layer expands and retracts based on color hierarchy and ratios, allowing the identity to have a wide variety of posts and posters variations.

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